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News Date : 2018-01-05

3-way active system composed by three elements: an active bass cabinet and two passive satellites. Belonging to the FULL series. Project-oriented philosophy always focused on tomorrow, embracing severe construction standards and the on-going aim to provide the best sound quality in the least complicated way

Today, we develop our technology through a two-path approach on the one hand products are tested within most demanding live-concert environment where operating conditions are much more severe than anything most of our users have to deal with; on the other hand we design and build our own digital tools necessary for testing and analysing our electro acoustic systems.

Tradition and innovation create the basement on which stands Elettronica Montarbo’s philosophy. Within the years we have been keeping our original goal: reliability. Ensuring complete satisfaction to musicians, sound technicians as well as touring bands is fundamental because the stakes are too high to run any risk when the show is on.

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